Budget Friend App

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Budget Friend App is a super simple application that can help manage your finances.

This app includes, a Budget Friend, an Expense Tracker Pet and a Tip Calculator. Create your own Budget Friend and your Expense Tracker Pet. Give them a name and a look. Enter your expenses and income and let your new friends do the rest.

Budget friend allows you to enter your budget and see the recurrence summary of your finances. The Expense Tracker Pet can track your expense and you can see for your self if you are spending out of your means.

Budget friend just shows you the numbers. Help them, help you, help me... I mean get your Budget Friend App today. This could be a wonderful start to a new friendship. The money can come and go, but your friendship will last.

Budget Friend App Info:

There are 4 main tabs in this app that can be located in the bottom:
Budget Friend, Expense Track, Tip Calculator and Info:

Budget Friend:
This section allows you to create a Budget Friend, give him or her a look and save.
Once you have created your friend, click the new item to the Budget Friend
View. Here you can edit the name and the look of your friend.
You can also manage your income and your expenses.
You will be able to see your income minus your expenses and what the remainder will be according to the "Total Recurrence Summary Segment button"

Expense Tracker Pet:
This section allows you to create an Expense Tracker Pet. Like the Budget Friend,
you can Name and select a look for your Pet. Expense Tracker allows you
to track all your expenses. You can review and edit the items you have tracked by clicking on the "View List" navigation button.

Tip Calculator:
This section is hard to explain, but I will try. This allows the user to enter a bill
and a tip percentage. You can then select how many friends you want to split the total by. You can see what the total is with the original bill and the added tip. Whew.


Calcualtions are based on:
1 year = 365.242199 days

1 year = 52.177457 weeks